A Shaker of Margaritas: Cougars on the Prowl will be published Fall of 2011 in time for your holiday gift giving. Twenty-two outstanding stories were selected for the second Shaker anthology.

Older women hooking up with younger men intrigue us. What is their story? Does age really matter? Is she looking for a fountain of youth and is he just arm candy? Could he be out to take advantage of her? Maybe he’s after her fortune. Or did she get lucky and find the love of her life?

The stories selected for Cougars on the Prowl introduce us to different breeds of cougars. Some are accidental cougars birthed from life's unpredictable twists and turns. Some cougars find what they are looking for in younger men, while others discover they are more traditional. Some cougars are invisible, and others, well, they aren't really cougars at all.

Stories selected for this anthology and the authors:  

Shoot for the Moon, Lisa Ricard Claro
Therapeutic Ink, Kathryn Coit
Rock the Cradle, E. B. Davis
Special on Melons, Jennifer DiCamillo
Cyber Cupid, Linda Fisher
My Only Concern, Harriett Ford
My Live-in Language Lab, Karin Frank
Phrased in the Form of a Question, Marcia Gaye
Strip Tease, Janel Gradowski
School Days, Cathy C. Hall
The Illusion, Tracy Hauff
Cougars in Cabo, Kathy Holmes
Kentucky Cougars-An Endangered Species, Kim Lehnhoff
Speed Dating, Mary Ellen Martin
Cougar Caper, C.A.Neilson
The Invisible Cougar, Kathy Page
The Scarlet Letter "C", Debbie Parker
Vena's Rules of Engagement, Sylvia A. Straub
Ashes Remain, Susan Elizabeth Thomas
A Worker's Compensation, Sonia Todd
Don't Make Me Call the Flying Monkeys, L. E. Towne
Look Back, But Don't Stare, Donna Duly Volkenannt

A Shaker of Margaritas: Hot Flash Mommas was published in 2010. Twenty-five outstanding stories were selected for the very first Shaker anthology.

Mozark Press LLC

Stories Selected for Publication

1st Place

The Business of Finding a Husband, Susan Elizabeth Thomas

2nd Place

Hungry Man Special, Jennifer DiCamillo

3rd Place

The Shifting Night, Janet Sunderland

Stepping out in Hope, Kathryn Coit

Implicated By A Phrase, E. B. Davis

Mary Meets Her Rock Star, Dawn Dupler

Viva Las Vegas, Kathy Holmes

The Sisterhood of Stars, John Farr

Titanium Butterfly, Fred Farris

New Identity, Linda Fisher

Harvey Saw Monsters, Harriet L. Ford

The Funny Thing in the Bathroom at Casa Del Rio, Cathy C. Hall

Women Seldom Behave Like Ladies on Ladies' Night Out, Kim Lehnhoff

House of Wreckers, Kaela Montano

Are They Spies?, Debbie Parker

Naked Tennis at the White Horse Lodge, Susan W. Peters

Menagerie, Cate Richard

Not Quite Soon Enough, Lee Ann Russell

A Fish By Any Other Name, Rosemary Shomaker

Waiting Lessons, Deborah Shouse

Dog's Best Friend, Sylvia A. Straub

Mirror Image, Sonia Todd

Criminal Minds, Donna Duly Volkenannt

Flashes From a Hot Mama, Janice Havlik Votsmier

Allergic to Latex, Lina Zeldovich