Sunday, April 11, 2010

Creaking Bones

Although I feel youthful on the inside, my body doesn’t always cooperate, and I’ve developed some creaking bones over the years. When I was in my late thirties, I began to have trouble with my knees. After consulting with several physicians, I think the doctor that rattled off a long name for my condition and followed it up with “You have sick knees,” was about the least helpful one of the bunch.

I lived with my “sick” knees for another fifteen years until my limp became noticeable. I finally told my family doctor I had to do something. He said it would probably take surgery to fix them, but he wanted me to join a gym and use the machines to strengthen the surrounding muscles before we scheduled surgery.

I joined Brian’s Gym and under the guidance of a personal trainer, I began an exercise program to build the muscles without doing more damage. At the same time, at our workplace health fair, a representative from GNC recommended Co Q-10.

A strange thing happened—after years of suffering with my knees, they got a whole lot better. Five years later, I occasionally have flare-ups with my knees, but not often, and I can easily live with it.

When I pay my gym membership or buy another bottle of Co Q-10, I can’t help but think it’s a whole lot better than surgery. My money is much better spent on prevention.

Copyright (c) April 2010 L. S. Fisher


  1. Yes I too added the bone supplement to my morning mix. 33 years of skating finally caught up to me. Although I have always had creaky knees, we have to keep those creative and body juices going. I'll take that to surgery any day...

  2. Me too! We have to take care of our creaky knees.