Friday, April 16, 2010

Hop on The Soul Train

Our health insurance encourages us to participate in wellness programs and our latest work health improvement plan is “Hop on The Soul Train.” This nutrition and walking program comes at just the perfect time for me. I just had my physical Wednesday and, once again, my doctor tells me that if I lose ten to fifteen pounds my numbers should be perfect.

Like a lot of other baby boomers, I’m taking medication for high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. Still, my last blood work showed creeping-upward numbers in way too many categories. Even before my doctor visit, I was working up to the mindset that I needed to get serious about reducing those numbers. We have a great prescription program with our insurance, but this year I took the leap to a high deductible plan—and first thing being applied to that deductible are prescription drugs.

The Soul Train plan is simple: walk five miles and you get to add a “car” to your train. The trains are colorful pieces of laminated paper posted along the hallway. The person with the most cars wins a gift certificate to a sporting goods place. The rest of us can win incentives along the way for turning in our weekly miles, servings of fruits and vegetables, and glasses of water. Since I didn’t see cups of coffee listed, I may not do so well on the fluid intake.

The idea is for each of us to take control of our health habits by stepping up the veggies and increasing our exercise. Hopefully, those of us with 10-15 pounds to spare can drop a little weight and improve those tattletale numbers. If nothing else, we can feel righteous about improving our overall health as we hop on the soul train.

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