Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boomerang Come Back

When I listen to my iPod I sometimes think I’ve boomeranged back into the sixties. I downloaded all my favorite CDs and must admit that my collection is heavy on the music that was popular during my high school years. Music can be an instant connection to a flood of memories. I try to collect only music associated with don’t-worry-be-happy thoughts. Even happy recollections can cause that nostalgic feeling that hits right in the pit of my stomach.

My trial subscription to XM radio has almost expired, and I am struggling with whether it is worth renewing so I can listen to “60s on 6.” Sometimes when I push the button to hang up my hands free phone, I accidently change the radio station. I’ll be driving along and realize I’m listing to spa music, which I find relaxing, and, of course, reminds me to make an appointment for a massage. Or, I might tune in the Nashville station and hear some favorite country tunes and the memories associated with them.

Music is an easy way for me to channel the feeling of Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday” and those days when we boomers thought we were going to change the world. It was a time when the life that lay ahead of us was mysterious and filled with endless possibilities—all we had to do was find ourselves so we could find our way.

Now, we boomers have boomeranged to a new era as we face retirement and look forward to the rest of our lives, finding ourselves in a different era and body, but still thinking about the exciting new possibilities as the road ahead gets shorter. Aren’t we once again those boomers who want to change the world? That is still our goal to leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

copyright (c) L. S. Fisher

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