Sunday, July 25, 2010

Senior Moments

Don’t you just hate it when you start to think you’re moving from scatterbrained to senior moments?

I just went to Minneapolis for a conference, and most of the trip went smoothly. Of course, one morning, I put my coffee on to brew while I took a shower. It was one of those pots that make a cup at a time so you insert the little packet of coffee, pour a cup of water in, put the cup under the spout and push the button. Simple. After my shower, I went to collect my cup only to discover I had forgotten one simple step—the one where I put the cup back under the spout. Ooops. It isn’t easy to sop up a whole cup of coffee with Kleenex. Thank goodness the tray caught most of it, or it would have been even harder.

After that, things would only have to go uphill, right? And they pretty much did until I decided after a grueling day to go to the ice machine to get some ice for my Diet Pepsi. I pulled the card out of the envelope and stuck it in my back pocket and strolled down the hallway to the ice machine. This hotel didn’t have normal hallways. They zagged off in several directions, but I only went down the wrong hallway once. I got my bucket of ice and made it back through the maze to my room. I pulled the card out of my back pocket to unlock the door and found myself looking at the GO pass for the light rail.

Okay, so I know darn good and well that the Go pass isn’t going to open my door. I set the bucket of ice down and thought about how to get into my room. Finally, I decided the best bet was to go to the front desk and tell them I’d locked myself out.

“Do you have any ID?” the clerk asked me.

“Of course not,” I said. “I was only going for a bucket of ice. My ID is in the room with my other worldy belongings.” After asking a few verification questions, she gave me a key. She probably looked at me and thought—senior moment—give her a key while she still remembers her room number.

I’m back home now so things should get better. As far as going to church this morning with only one earring—we can call that a fashion statement instead of a senior moment, can’t we?

copyright (c) July 2010 L.S. Fisher

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